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Yes, power up your business with professional website design and hosting! We design and provide hosting service for primarily small to medium sized businesses, along with other computer services for businesses. Cost-effective advertising on the internet allows you to compete on a level playing field with larger businesses -- the internet moves you into a global market of over 12 million potential customers and the number is growing fast. By the millennium, an internet presence will be a competitive necessity. Now is the time to start making your presence known. AMCI will create dynamic web sites for your business and host them on a fast, reliable server. We also do web page resumes for professionals. Every professional should have a resume permanently on the internet to promote continual career growth. Make your resume instantly accessible to thousands of potential employers. More and more employers are using the internet to find talented professionals to meet their personnel requirements -- don't be left behind in tomorrow's dynamic career growth concepts. Now is the time to get your resume into the internet system.


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