Your website needs
the "flavor" or
"personality" of your

AMCI does original
pages and graphics

Every website develops its own personality, and that personality should reflect the company and its customer service approach
Our sites are not the "cookie cutter" type, but rather designed with your input during the development process
Not all your clients are adept at surfing the net, so we design your site to be friendly and easily used by an Internet novice
There are excellent websites and horrible websites
Too many frames and pop-up windows are confusing and frustrating to the site visitor
We believe in the KISS principle -- keep it simple & straight-forward
If your clients really enjoy visiting your site, you will get their business
We test your website with typical browsers to ensure compatibility -- different browsers handle the same HTML coding in different ways
We try to keep older hardware and software in mind since they can't always handle all the fancier bells and whistles of advancing coding techniques
It is important to keep your website fresh and dynamic -- we become part of your team, keeping your site current based on the changing business scene
Inquire about our pricing for website design -- price varies depending on the size and complexity of the site -- prices begin at $500 for typical commercial website design

For more information, contact
Tere Prasse at AMCI


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